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Maram and Aabroo
Meet the ace female photographer duo

Women are advancing in Pakistan in all walks of life. With more liberal mindsets and greater opportunities, women are all set to pursue their dreams and move forward with a career for which sky is the limit. This time Motherhood’s cover story is based on the make up and photography duo Maram and Aabroo. The duo, based in Lahore, own a studio names Boudoir. Maram and Aabroo are the only all-female team in their field in Pakistan. They have worked with prominent Pakistani fashion designers, and have had their work featured in many fashion publications of Pakistan. They are hence, without any doubt, known as the best in their field.

Maram and Aabroo The Dynamic Duo Maram and Aabroo are a source of inspiration for young girls in Pakistan. Motherhood gets up close and personal with the duo in an exclusive interview.

Maram and Aabroo<br /> Meet the ace female photographer duo Where were you born?
A: Karachi.

M: I was born in Saudi Arabia

What is the meaning of your name?
A: Aabroo means honor.

M: My name means good wish

Tell us about your student days. What kind of memories do you have?
A: I have very fond and happy memories of my student days. It is only after you graduate from school or college that you realize how the daily routine has its own charm. Even the trivial worries and problems seemed monumental at that age. I’m glad I had a lot of fun while in school!

M: I always had the pressure of performance since my siblings were all very smart but I was never a nerd; in fact I was a very playful student, good at studies and keen on other activities like sports and arts.

Tell us about your relationship with your mother.
A: My mother has always been one of my best friends since I don’t have a sister. I still share everything about my life with her as I would with one of my girl friends. She’s my confidante and adviser. She is the true driving force behind my career and has given me the support I needed to be the woman I am today.

M: My mother is one of the strongest and most humble women I know. Our relationship was not that of friends, as she was very particular about rules in the house when we were young. But as we grew older, she turned into our strength and source of wisdom. I always feel I have to do extraordinary things to make her proud of me, as she herself is an extraordinary woman.   

What about your childhood? How was it like growing up?
A: I have been most blessed to have a beautiful environment to grow up in. My parents raised me with constant encouragement and lessons on hard work, and belief in one’s self.
M: I am the youngest in my family. I have four elder siblings. Being the youngest, gave me the advantage of me getting away with everything. I am told that I was an active child who loved to draw and paint.

Tell us a little about your family.
A: I was always encouraged by my parents to be strong willed and competitive. My parents provided for my two elder brothers and myself an environment that was conducive to travel, arts, music and sports. As far back as I can remember, I was always advised to have a strong career, considering women usually get overlooked in our society.

M: My family members belong to very competent professionals. My parents and my siblings have had strong careers in the fields of medicine and education. Our family environment was that of personal development and progressive growth as humans. My father played a pivotal role in providing us a sense of security and vigor to be better humans.

Tell us about your work? How long have you been working in this profession?
A: We started working together in the year 2000. We have now expanded our scope of work from makeup, hair, photography to film making.

Were you always inclined towards this profession or did you aspire to do something different growing up?
A: I was studying pre-Medicine at Kinnaird and was being ushered into becoming a doctor by my parents. Maram and I became friends at college and started working as makeup artists and photographers in our college years as a hobby.

When and how did you realize that you wanted to pursue photography as a full time occupation?
M: The hobby was gradually developing into a passion and before we realized it, our hearts were set to be entrepreneurs in the beauty and photography industry.  

What was the reaction of your family?
A: Our decision was not sudden and both families had seen how we had invested our time and hard work in self-learning makeup and photography. The reactions, shock and awe fizzled with time. Love (for daughters) conquers all!

What are the advantages & disadvantages working as a team?
A: There are no disadvantages in working as a team to us. We love sharing the workload and the glory associated with our success!

How do you resolve your creative differences?
M: We have meetings and brainstorming sessions on repeat until we reach a creative solution.

What was the initial journey like?
M: We tried and experimented with our own ideas. Just waiting at Sky Color Lab to get the prints of a shoot we had done was a nail biting experience. All our pocket money and gift money was invested in our cameras, makeup products, and lights. Our journey has been amazing.

What project are you working on currently?
A: Textile shoots and their editing!

Do you think you get enough credit for your work in this industry?
M: We believe we do.

Do you have any plans of expanding your work internationally?
M: Our work has been printed in publications in Dubai, Norway, UK, USA and Singapore. Vogue India’s September issue will have a shoot featuring our makeup.

Which is your most memorable photo shoot?
A: A fashion shoot we did for Saadia Mirza with Rabia, Aleena and Juggan.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? How far do you wish to go with this profession?
M: We’ve always dreamed big and a recent addition to our wish list is a feature film.

What would be your message for young aspiring photographers, especially female photographers?
A: If you never try you’ll never know. So be brave and experiment. As you improve at your work, the support you need from your family, loved ones and the industry will come forth.