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The title of this publication can be misleading at times. Though catering basically to the primary caregivers - mothers, Motherhood has something to offer for every member of the family. Fathers, don't fret. We have a designated section for you, where articles related solely to your interest are presented. We realize that fathers too have a very important role to play in the upbringing of the children, and without the involvement of a father figure, we cannot aim to raise well-rounded progenies.

Travel tips

Our road warriors express some handy advice on preparing for a trip

This time in Dad Zone, Motherhood brings its readers some great travelling tips from dads who frequently travel. Their jobs entail excessive work related travel. Hence, they have learnt how to make their journeys as comfortable as possible. Our travel advice comes from Mr. Mobin Saulat, an executive of a local company, Mr. Anees Khokhar and Mr. Moeen uddin, who are both businessmen.

• Travel light- there is usually a long walk at the airports from one place to another. Hence, travellers should avoid carrying heavy or excessive hand baggage for the sake of a comfortable journey. Also, travellers should avoid packing too many things and leave room in the suitcase for any souvenirs that they might have to bring back.

• Avoid having heavy meals in the plane- Too much food intake in the airplane may cause feeling of sickness or nausea. Therefore, avoid heavy meals and rather consume liquids instead.

• Avoid wearing metal- due to the thorough security checks at airports these days, it is best that travellers do not wear belts or shoes with metal straps in order to avoid having to take these objects off and put them on again. It also saves time.

• Travel in layers- keeping in mind the temperature changes from one destination to the other one should layer oneself. Instead of wearing a warm shirt, put on a jacket. A jacket with pockets is also helpful as one can simply keep his or her wallet, passport and other important belongings in it, rather than opening and closing a handbag again and again.

• Ensure in transit that baggage is checked in all the way to the right destination- often the baggage may be left behind at the point of transit. Hence, first thing one must do while in transit is to go to the information desk and double check that the baggage is checked in.

• Utilize the hotel safe- do not leave valuables like cash or other essential documents laying openly in the hotel room. Always lock them inside the safe.

• Pack an extra pair of clothes in the hand luggage- If the baggage is due to arrive after your own arrival at the destination, make sure you have an extra set of clothes with you.

• Do some research when travelling to a new location- find out about some good eating or shopping places at your destination beforehand. Also, keep a map with you handy at all times in order to avoid getting lost in a big new city.

• Always carry your comfort clothing- if you have time to explore a new city, you would want to be dressed comfortably to do it. Carry a bag pack that you can easily hold on to, whether it is at the airport or outside it.