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By: Tayeba Batool

Tayeba Batool Tayeba is a LUMS graduate who is currently employing her marketing expertise at a Game Development Studio.

Konnichiwa! I am Tayeba, a LUMS graduate. A myriad of interests hound my existence- there is the reader and the writer who shall fawn over any line well written or thought aptly expressed, the photographer who is a nature aficionado and loses herself in very random subjects while shooting, the sports woman with shouts of ‘Volley’ in her veins and last but not least, one of the anime-infected beings on this planet, imbibing the over arching positivity of Naruto (a very popular Japanese anime).

In my selection of literature, I have been similarly very diverse and picking out three favorites is a challenge. Still here is something from my top selections.

-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This classic has gone down as a favorite of many readers across multiple generations. The story traces out the drama unfolding in the lives of the Bennet sisters, as they experience courtships and confusions at that stage of life when marriage becomes inevitable. The character of Elizabeth Bennet is developed in multiple shades and nuances as the curious girl with a pride that plunges her into her own prejudices. The complex love triangle between Wickham-Elizabeth-Darcy, the confidante relationship between Elizabeth and her sister Jane, the role of the parents and guardians and a good deal of glee virtue of a young crowd in the story, makes this an exquisite read.

-The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead is a novel based on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism. It centers on the idea how an individual in satisfying his ego, doing what he does best, will ultimately reach not just his own zenith but also gear society for its best. Howard Roark is the protagonist of the novel. He is an architect whose artistic ideas deviate from the traditions set by society. In his struggle to not lose his own essence he encounters various characters that will abet or impede his progress. The novel is multi faceted – a love story, a philosophical battle between individualism and collectivism, a question of ego and selflessness, a complete drama. It is the sort of novel to make you think about potential and capability and how you fit in this frame, as an individual and as part of society.

-Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Another one of my all-time favorites, Shadow of the Wind is a reader’s heaven. The story is told in a beautifully mesmerizing style and keeps you intrigued with certain twists along the ride. The novel is set in Barcelona, 1950s. A boy, Daniel Sempere, discovers a very rare novel (titled the same). A man named Lain Coubert has been burning every copy of the novel he can find. Intriguingly, the name of the devil in one of Carax’s novel is also the same. Daniel and his best friend Fermin Romero de Torres search through Barcelona, investigating into Carax’s past and why and how his end came about. There is murder, romance and ample amounts of suspense. Carlos’ drafts his imagination in exquisite lines that will make you fall in love with this novel.