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Food Fantasy

First Children-specific Eatery in Pakistan.

Kids now have a place of their own to dine and shine as proud patrons.

Eat-a-boo, owned by renowned actor Faisal Qureshi (of Ufone fame) is the first kids’ restaurant ever to be launched in Pakistan. Though the place is a safe haven for small kids in the range 2 to 6 year olds, its equally ideal for young kids of all ages. The brightly lit and colorful ambiance of the place is a kids dream come true.

Eat-a-boo is designed keeping children in mind, making it not just an interesting place that engages and inspires young minds but also lays emphasis on healthy food. Soft drinks are replaced by seasonal juices and milkshakes prepared with honey. No junk food is available at this restaurant.

A wonderful, friendly all-female staff of attendants helps the kids get acquainted with the place. Not only that but at Eat-a-boo children are encouraged not to waste food and finish off their entire meal. This is achieved by offering incentives to the kids. If a child finishes off their entire portion they are rewarded with Eat-a-boo currency, which they can utilize that to buy toys available from the gift rack. The place is also equipped with iPads, 3D camera TV and games.

The food offers a main meal deal for kids and additional items for the adults’ menu. The presentation of the food is very creative and appetizing to a young child.

Eat-a-Boo is located at Zamzama Karachi.