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Farah Khan Ali

The Ace Jewellery Designer from India in an Exclusive Interview with Motherhood

By: Shahneez Haseeb

Shahneez Haseeb Shahneez Haseeb is the Assistant Editor at Motherhood. She is responsible for collecting articles, as well as proof reading and editing them. Apart from looking after Motherhood, she is pursuing her undergrad studies as a fulltime student and aspires to be an urban designer who would change the landscape of our cities to embrace a beautiful and ecologically friendly identity.

Motherhood Magazine brings you an exclusive interview with Farah Khan Ali, the highly talented and successful jewellery designer from across the border. Farah successfully juggles between being a jewellery designer, daughter, sister, wife and, most importantly, a mother.

Mumbai born Farah talks about her childhood, family life, her foray into jewellery designing and much more. When asked about her student days Farah recalls that she was a very naughty student. “I was least interested in my studies. School, meant fun and friends. It is only after I passed out of school and entered college that I begun to take my life a bit more seriously and spent some time actually studying.  I remember always getting remarks in my diaries that I used to hide from my parents and sign on their behalf when I gave it back to the teachers. At one point I had three diaries filled with remarks.  I remember not studying just before my 10th standard board exams and watching the India – Pakistan match and my sister Simone saying that I would flunk. I passed my Board exams with 1st class.”

Farah Khan Ali, the ace jewery designer from India in an exclusive interview with Motherhood Farah has fond memories of her childhood. “I was a shy kid initially. Both my parents indulged my sister Simone and me thoroughly. My mother was very strict yet loving and did not hesitate to occasionally spank us because we were very naughty. My father never raised his hands on us and actually spoiled us. He would always come back from his trips with loads of toys and clothes for all of us especially matching all the accessories to our clothing so we were always impeccably dressed. My mother was my best friend and confidante in my growing years and allowed us the liberty of partying with our friends. My father was much more strict then and did not approve late nights and so we had a curfew to be home every evening. Of course that did not stop me from sneaking out and breaking the curfew. The one thing I do remember distinctly during my childhood years is that my parents never fought in front of us, so we grew up as very secure and confident people.”

Farah comes from a family of three sisters and one brother. She is the eldest and her sisters Simone and Suzanne come after her. Zayed is the youngest and hence, the most spoilt one. “My father and mother always stressed on education being the most important aspect of our lives and so all of us always tried to excel in our studies. Even though we are Muslims in faith, my parents stressed the importance of humanity over religious rituals and practices. We were always taught to do charitable work and help those who are less fortunate than us. My parents brought us up to be strong independent adults and thanks to our educational background we were able to succeed in doing so. Also we were taught that all men were equal and one must be compassionate with the poor. As children, my sisters and I were less exposed to movies; even though my dad acted in films and made them, we were never interested in them. I remember spending lots of family holidays together and one thing my parents always insisted upon was that we
shared one meal of the day at the table with them so that the family bonding always remained.”

Farah’s mother is an inspiration to her. “My mother is a strong independent woman who has survived the tests of time. She was born into a rich Parsi family but her father lost all his wealth when she was 11 and so the family moved from a mansion into a shack. Since the age of 14, my mom started modeling to get through life. She met my dad when she was 13 and they dated for six years until they got married. My mother is the one woman who always sees the glass full rather than empty and if there is one thing I have gained from her is to see the world around us in a positive manner. She always kept us three sisters firmly grounded and stressed on the fact that “beauty is what beauty does”. There is no point being beautiful looking if you do not possess a beautiful soul. She also taught all of us children to never choose any material things over people, for possessions can be replaced but your loved ones cannot. In my growing years my mother was a disciplinarian with my sisters and me, but as we grew older she became a confidante and a friend. She always advised us on what is right & what is wrong and made sure we rectified our mistakes. My mother is my best friend and I know that she will always be with me and guide me. Even today I love taking holidays with my mom and am planning a trip with her to Greece this month.”

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