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Maram and Aabroo The Dynamic Duo

Maram and Aabroo
The Dynamic Duo

Women are advancing in Pakistan in all walks of life. With more liberal mindsets and greater opportunities, women are all set to pursue their dreams and move forward with a career for which sky is the limit. This time Motherhood’s cover story is based on the make up and photography duo Maram and Aabroo. The duo, based in Lahore, own a studio names Boudoir. Maram and Aabroo are the only all-female team in their field in Pakistan. They have worked with prominent Pakistani fashion designers, and have had their work featured in many fashion publications of Pakistan. They are hence, without any doubt, known as the best in their field.
Maram and Aabroo are a source of inspiration for young girls in Pakistan. Motherhood gets up close and personal with the duo in an exclusive interview.More >>