• Team behind the Magazine

    Motherhood Magazine, Pakistan’s first parenting publication and Islamabad’s first glossy magazine had a very dedicated team working under the direct supervision of its founding editor, Saadia Haseeb. From research to commissioning of articles, layout and design to photography, printing to distribution and circulation, all was done in-house under the able leadership of its editor.

    Due to certain medical reasons, she had to close shop. Soon after her recuperation, which took a good two years, she was yearning to start the magazine again; the demand from the readers and her urge towards doing something for the greater good of the society resulted in the rebirth of Motherhood Magazine, this time an online publication. She started with a handful of volunteers who all weathered with time except for two dedicated people – an intern who slowly and gradually took hold of the reins of the working issues of the magazine and the Webmaster who took care of uploading the data issue after issue. As of now, out of the two, only the (former) intern is still carrying forward the cause and is now the assistant editor. This all-rounder assistant also happens to be the daughter of the Managing editor – so please welcome the mother-daughter team of Saadia Haseeb and Shahneez Haseeb.

    Last but not the least, the most important component of Team Motherhood is the Contributors without whom no issue would have been realized. Its the sharing of the cause and writing with selfless devotion to share their knowledge with our readers that is the foundation of Motherhood Magazine

    Other Members:

    Sundus Zafar