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Every individual has a unique experience of motherhood but motherhood itself is universal. Across languages, cultures and geographies we share the capacity to give, nurture and love. Remarkably, our connection with motherhood is independent of gender, age and standing in life.

Our publication reflects this universality with something to offer for every member of the family. Our contributors, too, hailing from 80 cities in 20 countries, represent this ubiquitous influence of Motherhood.

Motherhood Magazine, Pakistan’s first parenting magazine, was launched in September 2001. After filling the much-needed gap for an indigenous parenting magazine for Pakistani mothers, it has been patronized by readers and writers from all around the globe.

The idea was and still is to create awareness amongst mothers, because only well-aware mothers can ensure a better generation for tomorrow. Although mothers are the primary readers of this publication, it’s a resource for every member of the family including dads and kids.

Our contributors are all very busy professionals but they take out time from their hectic schedules to write gratis for us with the sole aim of sharing their knowledge with our readers, thus, making a common good. Our team at Motherhood is very grateful to all our contributors and writers for supporting our aim and purpose.

Join us as we, with great pride, celebrate the all-embracing ethos of Motherhood through our original content!

About the Founder

“My only qualification to bring out this magazine is my own four children” is my reply if anyone asks me about my qualification regarding motherhood magazine.

When my kids were born and brought up, we had different information from different quarters – nani dadi saying one thing, doctor saying something else and the available resource (which was all imported and foreign) saying something completely different. Maybe all three were right (or maybe not) but we had no way of knowing except through trial & error.

When I started, I thought the magazine will cater to moms from pregnancy to year 12. That was because my eldest was 10, so I though all we need to know is till tweens. But then as our children grew, we grew, the magazine also grew and evolved into a lifestyle publication catering to all members of the family. The eldest, as she grew and reached high school started editing and writing for the magazine, then our second-born joined her. And later as they flew away for higher studies, the two younger ones joined in their place. And now its all 4 of them Alhamdulilla helping me from the editing, to design, to the web issues.

So if I mention the team here, most of them will have Haseeb as their second name. If you find Haseeb as a given name, then that means he’s the financer behind this pet-project of mine. And its because of his support that this venture has survived and flourished all these

So this is how this magazine started and is still going strong. Apart from the core family team, we have a very small but equally dedicated team who works mostly voluntarily believing in the cause of motherhood.

Saadia Haseeb

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