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"Gentle Goodnight" by Lyssa Armenta

Putting a baby to sleep by rocking, nursing, patting or singing is something all mums do. But have you ever tried dancing a baby to sleep?

By Iram Moazzam

“Good night” by Lyssa Armenta is about a unique technique of putting a baby to sleep, that is, dancing. The author claims to have raised all her three children by dancing them to sleep daily and it worked really well for her. She strongly opposes the viewpoint of “Cry it out” method. She believes that “A baby is a stranger in a new world and everyone should try their best to treat their baby how they would want to be treated themselves, as a helpless, dependent person”.  

The dancing method does not require the mom to be an expert in dancing. It not only helps in bonding and relaxing the child at nap time, but also gives the mother complete control of their baby’s bed time. This technique requires the mother to dance while holding the baby in various positions comfortable for the baby for about four to seven songs, and, by the end of the dancing session he is too tired to stay awake. Certain arrangements have to be made prior to the start of the session. For example, dim lights, access to CD player/ TV or iPod along with its remote, comfortable clothes suitable for the work out of both mother and child, adequate arrangements (snacks, toys, activities) to keep other siblings happy and busy outside the room, etc.

Apart from the other advantages of the dancing method, it gives new moms an opportunity to work out, reconnect with their favorite music and enjoy some time with their babies. Music helps the babies relax and go to sleep peacefully while being close to their mom. After the baby has dozed off to sleep, Lyssa gives tips on how to gently lay down the baby without waking him up.

For the success of the dancing technique, it is important that the baby’s sleep timings should be strictly followed and should be altered gradually with time based on his age and sleep requirements.  The dancing method works best for babies aged two to sixteen months, so the earlier a baby gets used to it, the better results would follow.

No doubt Lyssa’s technique is very unique but how effective is it in case of others is a big question mark. By the time a mom has danced to four to seven songs for one child, she might be too exhausted for the house chores or for taking up the next child for the sleep dancing session.

(Critical analysis, to be continued)…

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