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“Motherhood magazine is an excellent resource especially for women of all ages. It helps them in their current struggles including pregnancy, new-born, post-partum, teenage children, menopause & many other aspects of everyday life. The articles are inspiring on so many levels & a great way to learn and grow”

Nadiya Najib Khan

“Reading the Motherhood magazine gave me the feeling of a home away from home. Having lived in the UK for over 30 years, the magazine provided a mother’s embrace when I became a mum to now being a grandmother and everything in between. I recommend Motherhood magazine for informative articles and being able to relate to mums around the world”

Wajiha Mujeeb

“Your magazine is really informative yet entertaining also, I think a must read for our young parents specially girls just a suggestion for your magazine is to please highlight the problems of the kids who are abroad they face lots of difficulties in getting admissions after A levels . Parents and kids need correct information, carrier counseling and guide line for their admissions”

Ambreen Moazzam

“Initially my wife was a reader, but when I discovered this magazine I was pleasantly surprised. The title was a bit misleading and this turned out to be a great source of information for care-givers like us who have not only young children at home but elderly parents as well. Kudos to you, Motherhood!”

Munib ur Rehman

“I’m pleased to go through the latest issue. Very interesting and informative articles especially the one about healthy and clean eating was a source of motivation for lifestyle modification. Besides that, my daughter liked the article related to Bookshelf as it is her area of interest 🙂. Also, I would like to give a little suggestion from my side. If possible, please also include articles relating to character building of children by mothers through both religious and social perspective as it is need of the hour for our children/teenagers of today. Nevertheless, your literary efforts for shaping this magazine are commendable and appreciable. More power and strength to you 👍🏻”

Afshan Tawseen

“Becoming a mother way too early in life was not planned, and was most certainly one of the most difficult things I had to endure. The motherhood magazine has been my rock and copying mechanisms for a very long time, and it helped me combat my post-partum depression”

Mukarma Hassan

“Motherhood magazine grabbed my attention at various occasions and events because of their topics like mental health and woman diseases like breast, cancer and other sort of illnesses; and they are doing an amazing job to help boost awareness related to these topics, which is also need of the hour”

Fariha Amir


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