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Maintaining a balance between professional and personal life

By Romana Nabeel

As women enter the new phase of marriage in their lives, many decisions have to be made. For working women, the most important decision is that of their commitment with their work. These women need to prioritize between their work and new family life. They also often face a crossroad where they have to choose between one and the other. These women still manage to somehow create a balance between work and family life. But the true juggle begins when these women are blessed with motherhood. At this time their career comes to a halt. Whether this halt is temporary or permanent depends on the women themselves, as maintaining a career and motherhood at the same time is one of the most difficult of tasks.

I was of the opinion that the most difficult time is when the child is a new born. That is when I decided that I should leave my job, as a family physician, and settle down to being a good mother and a better housewife. I continued with this routine for a few years until I realized that cooking and cleaning around the house was not what I have been designed for. I decided to go back to work but opted for something that can be more scheduled like a 9 to 5 job, even though my younger one was not even ready for school. But sitting around the house all day was not satisfying for me; hence, I decided to go for the job.

With time, I also realized why my mother used to work. I figured it was not for the money because, as a schoolteacher, she was not paid much. She must have worked in order to find some glory in her life, and make herself worthwhile as her children grew up.

As life goes on, I begin to understand that a woman is a very powerful creature; even she herself cannot estimate the amount of load she can manage until she is tried upon. But all these nerves and powers get drained if any of my children falls ill. That is when I want to give everything up and just be a mother, spending all my time with my little ones. This is when I have to exercise most patience and wait for the illness to pass. I then jump back to my old life in which I am always on my toes, juggling between work and family.

But now I face another crossroad. This time I need to decide whether I should excel in my career, finding new opportunities and moving forward in the road to success; or continue doing what I am doing at present, which is a routine job without any expectation promotion. I have yet to choose which road to take.

For me, a perfect life is a busy life in which I can create a perfect balance between my work and family; being committed to my work as well as spending ample time with my husband and kids, and all the while maintaining my personality amid all the chaos and confusion.

I wish for my life to have a meaning to it and be worthwhile. I want to have an identity of my own as a person and I am so glad that I have a life partner who shares my views and supports me in all the ways he can. My children are also very helpful and understanding. No matter how busy I am, I make it a point to tuck them in bed at night, and read them a bedtime story. One day they will realize that their mother went through a great struggle to give them a strong future and a prosperous life.

I am juggling with all my all my responsibilities to not only give my children a bright but also so that when they are grown up and independent, I have something to fall back on and do not experience an empty nest syndrome.

My family and my profession are most dear to me and I try my best to hold on to all the strings and just hope that I am successful.

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